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Our Board OfDirectors

  • Welcome to The Gurukul Global School. We take pride in providing an exceptionally high quality education for each and every one of our students. We believe that a School is a second home for children so we emphasize on providing homely atmosphere to our students. Our spacious class sizes, combine with excellent teachers and supporting community and parents helps our students excel and thrive. In GGS we don't just ensure quality education, we hold to a high esteem high moral upbringing of the child knowing fully well that education without morals is a half baked bread. We encourage combination of our entrepreneurial ethos, specialism in sports and technological skills to raise standards, whilst developing the key skill of every student that is necessary to achieve success in the 21st century. The vision of the school is to educate every student to achieve global success. We strongly believe in our mission which is to educate and inspire students today and prepare them for tomorrow by:

  • • Ensuring that all students learns at high level

  • • Developing the following 21st century skill: innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, initiative, problem-solving, responsibility, interpersonal skills, cress-cultural skill, and computer and media literacy

  • Mr. Rohit Shaw
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